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Our Pizza Cone Concept is Unique in terms of Process and Packaging.

Pizza Dough Mixer (to mix the liquid dough)
bulletAvailable in 10, 20 or 40 liter to suit your Capacity Requirement
bulletFor lower Capacities, this process can be performed Manually and/or with a hand-held mixer


Pizza Dough Depositor (to deposit the liquid dough into the moulds)
bulletAvailable as an Automated Machine (electric and pneumatic driven)
bulletAlso available in a Manual Hopper Model and
bulletManual Syringe Model



Pizza Dough Moulds (to form the dough)
bulletProduces Doughs of 100 to 150mm tall




 Mould Trays (to hold the moulds)
bulletSizes to suit Standard Rack or Deck Ovens
bulletAlso manufactured to suit any other Convection Oven



 Pizza Dough Oven (to bake the doughs)
bulletStandard Rack or Deck Ovens
bulletAny other Convection Oven



 Pizza Cone (filled doughs)
bulletThe Doughs are Filled with Cheese, Tomato Mix and Typical Pizza Toppings such as mushrooms, olives, pineapple, salami etc.



Option 1

 Pizza Cone Baking Oven (for vending outlets)

bulletBakes 85 Pizza Cones Per Hour
bulletSingle Phase - 220Volts / 13.5Amps
bulletSize 700 x 450 x 470mm
bulletWeight 40kg



Option 2

 Pizza Cone Packaging (for retail outlets)

bulletPatented Packaging Design
bulletServes as Container, Baking Tray and Serving Tray
bulletHolds 4 Frozen Pizza Cones (130mm)
bullet10 to 15 minute Baking Time in Conventional Domestic Oven
bulletOuter Sleeve with Wonderfillz(TM) Logo or Your Own Branding